3/8 adaptors

In order to improve our custom plate solutions to attach akromatic spheres on your tripod, we came out with the akromatic adaptor, which will allow you to attach all of our spheres and carbon fibre handles to any tripod with standard 3/8 attachment.

We'll be sending this adaptor with our akromatic kits very soon.
See it in action.

akromatic mini base

Another custom solution for one of our clients. Now available to all akromatic users!
Lots of shooters have been using the regular akromatic base released a few months ago, now by popular demand we bring you the new akromatic mini base, ideal to use with your "Mono" kits.

You can buy it here if you already own a "Mono" kit, or here if you need the whole kit.

Thank you all!

We are very proud of being helping the best visual effects facilities, universities and individuals around the world to create spectacular content for the most demanding film makers and visual creatives.
Thank you all very much for your support using akromatic lighting checkers and custom solutions in your shoots. We'll keep working hard to deliver great products for all of you out there working on-set.


Akromatic base

As VFX artists we always need to place our color charts and lighting checkers (or practical spheres) somewhere on the ground while shooting bracketed images for panoramic HDRI creation. And we know that every single look-development and / or lighting artist is going to request at least all these references for their tasks back at the facility.

I'm tired of seeing my VFX peers working on set placing their lighting checkers and color charts on top of their backpacks or hard cases to make them visible on their HDRIs. In the best scenario they usually put the lighting checkers on a tripod with it's legs bended.

I've been using my own base to place my lighting checkers and all my workmates keep asking me about it, so it's time to make it available for all of you working on set on a daily basis.

The akromatic base is light, robust and made of high quality stainless steel. It is super simple to attach our lighting checkers to it and keep them safe and more important, visible in all your images. Moving all around the set with your lighting checkers and color charts from take to take is now simple, quick and safe.

The akromatic base is compatible with our lighting checkers "Mono" and "Twins".