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Xuan Prada

by Tali Burlamaqui

Xuan is the creative mastermind behind akromatic, responsible for the whole concept and production of all gadgets and HDRIs available.

As a life partner, I had the pleasure to see his career flourish as a vfx artist, having played key roles in many of the most important visual effects studios in the world.

I’ve never seen someone so passionate and keen about his work. A bit of this passion is imprinted in every akromatic product.


Tali Burlamaqui

by Xuan Prada

Tali is the other half of akromatic, responsible for the "business part of the business": our web, marketing, social media, customer service and logistics. On the artistic side, she's our location scouter and shooting assistant.

Developed her career in the corporate world, in countries such as Brazil, Spain and the United Kingdom, especialising in marketing communications, corporate events and project management.

And she's also a great cook.



Luis and Matilda

They are the inspiration. They fill our office with joy (and fur) and make our days happier!

All akromatic products are approved by these two little devils.

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