General info

All the HDR images available on this site were shot and tested by professional VFX artists and/or photographers.

We offer high resolution equirectangular panoramas covering all of the environment, vertically and horizontally.

The final resolution of all our panoramas are between 13.000px and 20.000px and can be used as main lighting and reflection sources in any 3D software/render engine, as a background plates or even for printing purposes.

If you need more control over the plates we also provide individual high resolution images for each angle and each exposure covered by the panoramas.

As VFX artists, we know the importance of references, so all the panoramas also come with lighting, reflection and colour references shot on set, so you can easily match the lighting condition on your favourite 3D software.


Panoramas between 13.000 and 20.000 pixels.

Plates sized aproximately 3800x4200 pixels.

Plates sized aproximately 7360x4912 pixels will be delivered together with the new panoramas.

Lighting, reflection and colour references sized aproximately 3800x4200 pixels.

Zoom detail in panorama "Windsor Bridge 0001".

Zoom detail in panorama "Windsor Bridge 0001".

Dynamic Range

All the panoramas are true HDR images covering a range around 12 exposure values.
Some specific panoramas like dark interiors, night scenes or other low lit conditions, might have less dynamic range to play with.

File types

All the panoramas are made available in .exr format,  probably the most efficient hdr format for VFX projects.

All the plates and checkers are made available in .raw format, straight from the camera (.nef), compatible with Adobe Camera Raw and Adobe Photoshop.

Panoramas, plates and references also come in .jpg format.

You will also receive a medium resolution panorama for use in your favourite 3D software as a lighting source, a less memory consuming file than the high resolution panorama.

We keep the original non-graded panorama straight from the camera, so you can match the original plate and play with the huge dynamic range as much as you want. We provide you also with a nice .jpg tone mapped version.

Common applications

This high resolution panoramas are fit to use in VFX projects such as films, TV series, commercials, architectural viz, product viz, texturing, matte painting, background plates, look-development, image based lighting and even for printing purposes.

Support and workflow

You can use this panoramas with any 3D software and any render engine.

Please refer to your software support page if you don't know how image based lighting works.

In the near future tutorials and step by step workflows will be provided.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to drop us a line.


A new image will be available every two weeks.

The unitary price of each panorama is 20€, including the whole set with the panoramas, plates and references.
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