Mounting "Lighting Checker Twins" onto your tripod

If you don't want to buy the "Lighting Checker Twins" with our basic tripod, use this method to mount the kit onto your favourite tripod's brand.

1 - First of all check that you have all the equipment needed, including:

  • Tripod.
  • Quick release plate for your tripod brand.
  • akromatic handles for "Twins Lighting Checker".
  • akromatic base for "Twins Lighting Checker".
  • akromatic ball's (whatever size you need).
  • akromatic screw.

You can use any tripod and quick release plates available in the market.
We usually work with these quick release plates for these manufacturers.

Feel free to use any tripod and plates manufacturers as long as you can remove the original screw from the quick release plate (almost all of them).

2 - Remove the original screw that comes with your quick release plate.

3 - Use the akromatic screw to fix your quick release plate to the akromatic base.

4 - Screw the akromatic handles onto the akromatic base.

5 - Place the akromatic kit into your tripod.

6 - Screw the akromatic balls onto the handles, place your color chart and enjoy shooting :)