Update on products and availability.

A few updates to all of you who have been dying to put your hands on your products:

When will I be able to buy the akromatic gadgets?
Our stainless steel gadgets wil be available for purchase mid-October from the akromatic website. Carbon fiber gadgets will be available as of November.

Stay tuned!

How can I pay for my stuff?
We accept Paypal and all major credit cards.

After I buy my gadgets, when will I receive it?
Each lighting checker is carefully handmade to order at our premises. Allow 15 days for production plus shipping times. We will ship using postal priority services.

What's the difference between your stainless steel and carbon fiber products?
Carbon fiber gadgets are lighter and easier to carry up and down. Also, if you work in extreme temperatures environments, carbon fiber is extremely an resistant material, used extensively in launch/reentry vehicles and satellites where the temperatures range from superheated to near absolute zero. Expect no surprises or frozen hands when holding your lighting checker while doing that amazing photo shoot in Alaska!

Do you have any special prices for bulk orders or students?
Nobody should be left out! Please contact us to discuss your needs and we'll make it work.

Note that we are not using wood handles on "Mono A" and "Mono B" any more and now those lighting checkers look great with the new stainless steel handles and the new carbon fiber versions.

Check all of them on the gadgets info page.

Lighting checker "Mono" stainless steel.

Lighting checker "Mono" carbon fiber.

Lighting checker "Twins" carbon fiber.