Product updates

We finally managed to update our products, you can check all the information here.

Basically we are not building anymore the stainless steel version of Lighting Checker "Mono" and Lighting Checker "Twins". Those are built now using only carbon fiber and aluminium.
Lighting Checker "Dynamic" and "Twister" will be made using stainless steel and aluminium.

The other big change is the way that we connect the balls with the handles.
We have been working on a new design that will make your life easier when using akromatic checkers on set: a new dismountable handle made of aluminium with an easy fit to our spheres and more portability by making our products more compact and handier. Mounting and dismounting on set will never be the same!

We will post a few close-up pictures soon!

Lighting Checker "Mono"

Lighting Checker "Twins"

Lighting Checker "Dynamic"

Lighting Checker "Twister"

Remember that you can check all the information here.

Need a customized solution?

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