Lighting checker "Tiny" - Shipping now!

We are already shipping our smallest and lightest kit, Lighting checker "Tiny".
Originally designed for stop motion sets and films with very special requirements like "Antman". It is very portable and easy to carry around.

Size of the spheres: 10 cm
Size of the carbon fibre handles: 7cm
Tripod support: 20cm (includes 3/8 adaptor)

The kit is quite compact and fits in a small box. We ship it in a polystyrene case (reusable) and both spheres are kept in a soft fabric bag. Colour chart and tripod NOT included.
If you already have an akromatic kit, please note that the carbon fiber handles on this kit are not detachable (as they are in the rest of our kits).

We have a very limited stock for this kit, hurry up and get yours.
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