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All of our lighting checkers were designed by visual effects artists with an extensive experience in film and television together with photographers, specialised in visual effects projects, working on the film set on a daily basis. This collaboration results in a first class product that meets the necessary requirements to work on set and digital postproduction.

In akromatic we believe that the partnership between those responsible for collecting information on the set and those responsible for processing this high-quality visual content is essential to create a functional and manageable lighting checker, consistent with the demands of a lighting and look-dev department.

Our products are made from top quality materials, handmade built and assembled using stainless steel, aluminium, and carbon fibre. Painted with high precission neutral gray paint for accurate sampling. Highly resistant and durable, ideal for travelling or for the high-speed pace of the work on set.

All products are made in the EU.

We thought about all the different types of users who wish to approach the world of photography to visual effects, therefore, we have created different solutions in various sizes, keeping in mind large visual effects studios, small post-production boutiques, universities and specialised schools, students and aficionados.

We have a solution for any profile.

Need a customized solution?

At akromatic we love challenges! If you think your role requires a different solution other than our standard products, drop us a line and we’ll happily discuss the design and production of your customised project.

Technical specs

Materials: All of our lighting checkers are made of stainless steel, aluminium and carbon fiber.
Size: Mono kit is one 30cm sphere. Twins kit are two 25cm spheres. Tiny kit are two 9cm spheres. Dynamic kit are two 25cm spheres. Mono White is one 20cm sphere.
Color: The grey color is exactly a N5 Neutral Gray in Munsell Scale which is 17.6% reflectance of the light.
Tripod mount: We use a custom solution to mount our checkers on any tripod.You would need only a standard 3/8 tripod thread.

Photos of the products

Please find below in this page some photos of our products.
In this link to our blog you can also see a bunch of photos of the products in our workshop.

Read the boring bits!

Each akromatic product is made to order in the EU. We'll ship as soon as your product is ready but in the worst case scenario allow us up to 15 days for dispatch.
Shipping via FedEx, DHL or similar service is included in price via Economy shipping. A tracking number will be provided as soon as your order is shipped. Priority shipping is available at an additional cost. Drop us a line before you place your order if you have a deadline to receive your product and we'll make all the arrangements to accommodate your needs.
Colour charts or tripods are not included.
Our products are handmade and slight imperfections in paint and finish could occur. This does not affect its performance in any way. 
Remember that you have all the information about our gadgets here but if you need more information or a custom order, please drop us a line.
These spheres are used for look-dev and lighting references in VFX, they are not used to photograph HDRIs or backplates, you should use fisheye lenses for this.

Paint sample - N5 neutral gray

Paint sample - N5 neutral gray

Lighting checker "Mono"

This is the lightest and handier lighting checker of our catalogue, we kept in mind its portability and functionality.

This lighting checker is designed thinking about photographers and visual artists who need to travel with reduced photographic equipment.

If you move alone, by foot and with a backpack where you keep all your gear, the small version of this product will be your best ally.

Its use in the film set is perfectly valid.

Thanks to the dimension of the sphere you can be far enough from the camera and capture the lighting and reflection information luminous around the set from and advantage point. 

It is built over a of a single stainless steel sphere, half neutral gray and half mirror. 

You’ll need two exposures to capture all the information needed, doing just a simple twist of the wrist to rotate the sphere.

See more pictures of this gadget here and here.

Price "Mono" 450 €
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Price "Mono" + akromatic base 545 €
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Lighting checker "Dynamic"

This lighting checker is designed to capture lighting and reflections information dynamically.

The size of the spheres and the separation between them is ideal when placed at a medium or long distance from the camera and to capture streaming moving sequences by moving the mast from top to bottom in horizontal position or from left to right in upright position.

This way you can capture all the information from a global environment, being an ideal product for outdoor shots, or for indoor shots with different light sources, where the subject is greatly affected when approaching a light source.

To capture all the luminance range within the physical size of a shot using video, is an increasingly common practice in any visual effects studio. Ideal when the color temperature changes a lot.

Using this gadget, you’ll only need one shot to capture all the information needed.

Price "Dynamic" 800 €
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Lighting checker "Twister"

This lighting checker is designed to capture all the necessary information with a single photographic exposure, combining both spheres in a single space.

The spheres are of different sized so that both can coexist in the same space, gaining verticality and reducing the lateral sizing. 

The larger sphere will allow you to read better the details of the lighting and the neutral grey sphere doesn’t need a larger size to draw the direction of the light.

The size of the mast and the distribution of the spheres will allow you to be at any distance from the camera, and you could use this checker both in small environments or large rooms.

The distance between the mast and the spheres is ideal for situations where you need to raise the checker above your head, or when the person using it has to be bent or in other difficult positions.

Like all other akromatic products, we have built a small platform with a magnet (included) to place an optional color chart (not included).

Move this checker vertically or horizontally to collect the lighting information sequence in one single pass, which is extremely comfortable.

Price "Twister" 800 €

Lighting checker "Twins"

This lighting checker is designed to be mounted over a conventional tripod and to be used in the studio or on set, being a key piece to collect light information in the digital doubles sessions, for either characters or objects.

This will create HDRIs that will later be used by the texture and look-dev departments, who’ll be able to recreate the exact lighting setups created by the photographers, polarized (for textures) and non-polarized (for look-dev and shading).

This checker can be easily dismounted from the tripod and can be also used as a hand-held checker, making it a portable, functional and lightweight solution, ideal for exterior locations or movie sets. 

As usual, we included a magnet base so you can place an optional color chart (not included), with a single exposure being necessary to capture all the necessary information.

See more pictures of this gadget here and here.

Price "Twins" 800 €
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Price "Twins" + akromatic base 895 €
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Akromatic base and mini base

As VFX artists we always need to place our color charts and lighting checkers (or practical spheres) somewhere on the ground while shooting bracketed images for panoramic HDRI creation. And we know that every single look-development and/or lighting artists are going to request at least all these references for their tasks back at the facility.

I'm tired of seeing my VFX peers working on set placing their lighting checkers and color charts on top of their backpacks or hard cases to make them visible on their HDRIs. In the best scenario they usually put the lighting checkers on a tripod with it's legs bended.

I've been using my own base to place my lighting checkers and all my workmates keep asking me about it, so it's time to make it available for all of you working on set on a daily basis.

The akromatic base is light, robust and made of high quality stainless steel. It is super simple to attach our lighting checkers to it and keep them safe and more important, visible in all your images. Moving all around the set with your lighting checkers and color charts from take to take is now simple, quick and safe.

The akromatic base is compatible with our lighting checkers "Mono" and "Twins"

Price "akromatic base" 125€
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Price "akromatic mini base" 80€
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Lighting checker "Tiny"

This is our smallest kit. Originally developed for stop motion sets and films with special requirements like "Antman".
Size of the spheres: 10 cm
Size of the carbon fibre handles: 7cm
Tripod support: 20cm (includes 3/8 adaptor)

The kit is quite compact and fits in a small box. We ship it in a polystyrene case (reusable) and both spheres are kept in a soft fabric bag. Colour chart not included.

Price "Tiny" 450€
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akromatic lighting checkers being used on set

Lighting Checker "Mono" gray side

Lighting Checker "Mono" gray side

Lighting Checker "Mono" gray side (close-up)

Lighting Checker "Twins"

Lighting Checker "Twins" (gray ball detail)

Lighting Checker "Dynamic"

Individual polystyrene hard case

Soft bag included with each sphere

Polystyrene hard case for kits with two spheres

Lighting Checker "Mono"mirror side

Lighting Checker "Mono"mirror side

Lighting Checker "Mono" mirror side (close-up)

Lighting Checker "Twins" close-up

Lighting Checker "Twins" (mirror ball detail)

Lighting Checker "Dynamic"

Individual polystyrene hard case

Fabric bag included with each sphere

Polystyrene hard case for kits with two spheres

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